Friday, June 29, 2012

Billboard: Facing the Giants

Today's the day we face our giants.

With the exception of True Princess G.A., none of us are particularly fond of the camera.  However, it is a requirement that we send a care package to our Colombian sons and in that care package there MUST be a kid-friendly photo album for each child as well as a video DVD introducing our family to them, including a tour of our home.  (Colombia takes a non-negotiable three weeks to introduce the children to their new family and every piece of the care package is an integral part of the transition the children go through before initially meeting their forever family.  God bless Colombia for her commitment to preparing the orphan for his new life and supporting the new relationships that will form between the adoptive family and their new child.)

So, today, this Mami goes in front of the camera to show her boys their new casa and introduce them to their forever familia.  She will be narrating the DVD in Espanol!  She doesn't speak Spanish...this could be very interesting! 

For 'Thunder'

"You were born to live a great adventure; you were created with a divine destiny; you are called to fulfill a great mission.  You were designed for a great purpose.  Now you are called to live it out."  Edwin McManus
For 'Lightning'

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