Friday, July 20, 2012

Destination: CLOUD NINE

Yes!  "Cloud nine" is a real place.  I know it for a fact because my family and I have been there ever since skyping with 'Thunder' and 'Lightning', and I think we'll stay a while longer.  After a long, hard journey on the dark, twisting, dirt road of the 'the Adoption Highway', it's a nice place to be.

If ever there was a moment in time that I wish I could capture in my memory without missing a single detail, it would be our first skype call with the boys.  As others prepared us for the call, they used words like "awkward", "anxious", "nerve racking", "tense", "quick"...


Our call was "warm", "wonderful", "comfortable", and "long".  Their questions were unending as they clutched their photo albums from the care package in their hands.  The excitement was contagious!  The heart connection was instant and sincere.

"Papa" was the star of the show as these two littles vied for his attention.  Papa will you take me fishing?  Papa will we go swimming?  Papa what do you like to eat?  Papa?...Papa?...Papa?  Whenever Papa's face would disappear from the skype screen, the boys would immediately ask, "Where's Papa?  Where did he go?"  Papa would quickly respond, "I'm right here.  I haven't gone anywhere.  I'm here."

The littles would relax and continue with their questions.

Most overwhelming to us was their JOY.  Oh, how they loved to say "Mami" and "Papa" and "I love you" and "I am not afraid to fly over the ocean because that will get me HOME!" and  "I am ready.  I want to come TODAY" and "I am SO happy" and "Can we cook the fish we catch?" and "Can I swim in the pool and go down the slide?" and "Will we eat popcorn?" and "Do my teachers know I am coming?" and "I have lots of cousins" and "I want to see my grandpas and my grandmas and my aunts and my uncles" and "I want to eat meat and fish" and "I wish I could come TODAY" and "Can we ride in Papa's big truck?" and "Will you bring us sunglasses like Papa and Kind-Hearted Warrior S.T.'s?" and "Is True Princess G.A. really 8?" and "Does Fair Maiden L.K. speak Spanish?" and "We will teach you how to speak Spanish" and over and over,

"I am ready.  I want to come home TODAY!".

We talked to our boys for 40, yes, 40 minutes the first night, and 30 minutes the second night...UNBELIEVABLE!  Each night the staff literally had to drag them out of the room as they blew kisses to the camera and shouted "I love you Mami!", "I love you Papa!".  We returned their kisses and responded to their shouts of affection by saying,

"We love you Thunder!"..."We love you, Lightning!"

Thunder always called back, "I love you more!".

After the call last night the psychologist wanted to talk to us.

She told us that 'Thunder' is a new boy.  He is so HAPPY.  His behavior has changed dramatically for the better since he was told that he had a family.  She said she has even spoken to his peers at the orphanage and they report a change him.  They say all he talks about is his family and how excited he is to be going home.  He has taken 'Lightning' under his wing and is very protective of him.  He has become a good big brother.  He has been overheard telling his little brother that everything is going to be okay now because they have a mami and a papa.  She has also said that 'Lightning' no longer responds to his given name.  He tells everyone he is a "Worley" now.

From the deepest part of my being I started to cry upon hearing these words.  

This is a testimony to the power of LOVE.  The power of FAMILY.  The power of BELONGING.  The power of ACCEPTANCE.  The power of knowing you are WANTED.  The power of the word HOME.

Oh, how I have prayed to God, asking Him to prepare these young boys hearts for us, their new family.

How faithful He has been to answer my prayer.  My boys accept us and are eager to come HOME.

As the conversation with the translator and the psychologist was coming to an end, they both began to snicker.  Then they broke out in spontaneous laughter as they pointed to the window.  The translator picked up the computer and moved toward it.  There in the window were two little boys, faces smooshed against the glass, waving and blowing kisses.

She said, "They do not want to leave you!  We can see how much they love you.  And we know how much you love them because you fought so hard for them.  This is a good family!!!"


"Take delight in the LORD, and He will give you your heart's desire."  Psalm 37:4 


  1. I read this through tears of happiness for your family. Thank you for sharing your walk with God on this road- you have encouraged me more than you know. Praying!!!

  2. Kelli - we are walking the path of adoption like you. We are adopting with Gladney through Honduras. Your recent blog posts are so inspiring - thank you for sharing! Can't wait to be matched so we can experience the same emotions!!!