Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 20: The Tour

Two noteworthy thoughts come to mind about our "good-bye" tour of Chiquitines:

1.)  The place OVERFLOWS with love.  From the guard at the gate, to the maintenance man for the property, to the ladies sitting at the reception desk, to the elderly woman mopping the floor, to the teachers and therapists, to the "House Mamas", to the ladies in the cafeteria cooking lunch, to the large group of volunteers serving the children, there was not one person my boys did not run to for a hug... not one person who did not receive them with open arms... not one person who had a dry eye when we drove away.  Chiquitines loves the children.  Chiquitines advocates for the children.  Chiquitines understands the children.  Chiquitines shares in the children's success and failure.  They are committed to the SUCCESS of every child in their care.  God bless Chiquitines.

2.)  My children have lived life looking "through the bars" and a chain link fence.  All else aside, they have grown up in an orphanage and every view of the outside world they have has been through iron bars and razor wired fence...this profoundly touched my heart.  Thank God for the love inside.

"For He breaks  down gates of bronze and cuts through bars of iron." 
 Psalm 107:16

The main inner courtyard.

The Cafeteria...oh the wonderful aroma!

Superkids Abby showing Laura the ropes.

Each child has a closet for "their" things.

Outdoor, open air showers with cold water only.

The bars backed up by the chain link fence...everywhere.

Typical sleeping quarters.

Pool and playground.


Creek running through the property.

Children playing.  Take note of the "toys".

The "floor" of the play area.

For fun.

In the play yard...again, note the "toys".   

The parking lot.

The children play in this "field" separated by age groups.  The area is full of briars and saw grass and broken cinder blocks and all kinds of debris that quickly become the only "toys" the children have to occupy themselves with...so much to think about...so much that we take for granted...so much we are blessed with...while there are so many living with SO little.

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