Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 32: Hoops & Hurdles

On one side, adoption is LOVE.  On the flip side, adoption is a series of hoops and hurdles and high jumps which you must navigate before becoming a family.  When LOVE combines with jumping through the hoops and over the hurdles and high jumps, you discover "the process".  Without LOVE, an overwhelming, Spirit-filled LOVE, I dare say that no one could complete "the process" of jumping through the hoops and over the hurdles and high jumps because "the process" is not for the faint of heart.  The stamina to withstand the obstacles does not come from the flesh, it comes from surrender and obedience to Jesus.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  Philippians 4:13

Today another hurdle stood before us on the course to home.

Both Thunder and Lightning had to test NEGATIVE to TB.  If one or both of them tested POSITIVE, a mandatory xray would be required thereby lengthening our process and subsequent arrival at our destination...HOME.  The results were read this morning.  The residual mark left on their arm from the serum injection had to measure less than 10mm.

Lightning had a residual mark that measured 4mm.  Result:  NEGATIVE

Thunder had a residual mark that measured 9mm...yes, 9mm!  Result:  NEGATIVE

My boys LEAPT into my arms!  I cried tears of complete joy.  We are going home on the fast-er xrays necessary!

Monday morning they will have a physical exam...a hoop to pass through.  Then, Monday afternoon, another hurdle looms at the US Embassy where we have an appointment to present our papers to get the visas.

I can see the finish line.  It is in sight.  And though I want to sprint to it with one last burst of energy, I must pace myself to get through the hoops and jump over the hurdles and high bars remembering that this is a process, and the process has a protocol.

Goodbye, Cali...

Lightning loves the sand pit

Hello, Bogota...the street we live on

The park right out our front door

Our casa in Bogota

Pastry for mama

MORE pastry for mama

A beautiful castle in the sand

Brothers...together forever

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