Friday, August 10, 2012

Days 16 and 17: Probable Change in Plans

Have you ever had one of those days when you got out of bed with a plan?  You knew exactly what the day had in store for you...where you were going...what you were doing...who you were seeing  And then before your second cup of coffee, everything changed...something weren't doing anything or going anywhere or seeing anyone that you thought you would be.

Well, yesterday, we thought we were going to spend the day at a country club south of the city.  We had graciously been invited and we were excited for the opportunity.

Mid morning when our facilitator arrived to pick us up, the plan had changed.  The invitation was never confirmed and rather than make pests of ourselves by calling to ask if we could still come, we redirected our activities and took off for the River Pance.

It was not part of the plan, but it was after all a good and suitable alternative.

We took the scenic route which was lovely.  We saw beautiful estates and horses out to pasture.  We saw new construction as well as old stone walls still standing from the days when slavery was permissible in Colombia.

It was along ride.  The boys were anxious to arrive at our destination.

An increase in tour buses on the highway gave it away that we were indeed nearing our stopping point.  With a quick jerk of the steering wheel to the left, we turned into the parking lot.  As we did, our facilitator's cell phone started to ring.

She began to chuckle.

The man on the other end of the line was wondering if we were ever going to arrive at the club or not!

We had no idea he was expecting us.

Not having paid for admission or parking at the River Pance yet, we did a little fancy maneuvering (most driving in Cali consists of fancy maneuvering!), made a u-turn, and took off to the country club where we originally thought we were going to spend the day anyway.

Just minutes down the road, I made the comment that some days you wake up thinking you know exactly what the day has in store, exactly what the plan is, then you realize that all along God had something else in mind.

Your plans were not His plans.

That is how I feel sitting here tonight.

We were hopeful that our court case would go like clockwork and there would be no delays.

We planned to be Bogota-bound next Monday or Tuesday.

Then the call came that changed our plans.

Our papers would not be signed anytime soon.

So we have made other plans, and allowed for a longer stay in Cali.

BUT in the back of my mind, I can't help but wonder if at the last minute we'll get that call that puts us back on the original chartered course?  We had a plan.  We changed the plan.  BUT maybe, just maybe, Bogota is waiting for our arrival next week after all.

There is only One who knows for sure and He is the One whose thoughts are higher than my thoughts and whose ways are higher than my ways.  He is the One weaving the beautiful tapestry of my life.  Unfortunately when I look up, I only see the back of the weaving...the twisted threads...the nonsensical colors...the knots...and the loose ends.  BUT GOD, He sees it from the front where every color, every thread, and every stitch is woven into the design of my life that truly makes sense.

Sometimes when I look at the tapestry, it doesn't seem possible that it will ever make sense or become anything beautiful.  BUT GOD!  All things are possible with God.

Today we went to the science museum in downtown Cali.

As we were leaving, we stood outside on the street waiting for our ride.  I spent my time looking around, taking in the sights...I love it.

My eyes immediately focused on a small space between two tall buildings.

What I saw through this gap took my breath away.

There on the mountain peak barely visible between the two buildings was the Statue of the Christ.  The very statue we visited the day we had our bonding interview at ICBF.  The very place where we had our picture taken as a family of seven on the day that Thunder and Lightning said "YES!  We are Worleys and we are a part of this family!"

God is so good.  So loving.  So present.

He called to me through the gap,

"I am always with you.  I will never leave you.  I am in the battle, have no fear."

I have no idea when we will get through court and be leaving Cali, but as I lay my head on the pillow tonight, I praise the One who does.

I have the only One I need.

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