Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 12

I can say with all honesty that I LOVE MY BOYS, Thunder and Lightning.

All of the little hunches I had about them and their personalities have been confirmed, and I ADORE each of them.  I cannot imagine life without either one of them.  Each is so different from the other, yet the joy and energy they exude is so much the same.

I am overwhelmed each time they call me "Mama"...each time they wrap their arms around my neck...each time they say "I love you"...each time they flash their boyish grins in my direction.

Everywhere we go people comment on what happy boys we have.

Our in-country facilitator just stands back and grins.  She has known our children for years and says that it brings her the most happiness to see the bounce in their step and the way they have bonded.  She says it is unusual, especially between mother and child, to see such love and comfort shown toward each other from the very beginning.  I must admit it does my heart and my psyche good to hear such encouraging words, and it confirms what I know in my heart to be true...  

no "ifs", "ands", or "buts" about it...this is the real deal...very genuine...



Admittedly I have had my reservations about being here with the children by myself once Knight in Shining leaves with Kind Hearted Warrior and True Princess.  I had allowed many doubts and fears and reservations to creep into my way of thinking.  The enemy is still prowling, and he still knows my weak spot.  My defense has been the surest and most true defense...PRAYER.  And God , again, has been gracious beyond measure.

Through prayer I heard His gentle reassuring voice remind me again and again that He is here, never absent, and this all part of the plan.  My remaining time in-country is all part of this season and I am to enjoy it...all the sights and sounds and people and food and activities...and mostly, my boys!!!

So, with a resolve to live this season to the fullest, today's adventure took us high into the  mountains north of Cali.  The roads are narrow.  They twist and turn.  Every view is magnificent.  Our destination was a weekend mountain house.  The grounds were beautiful and lush and full of flowers and unique greenery.  Horses rode by on narrow dirt roads...klip, klop, klip, klop...we could hear them long before we could see them.  Aromas from the village restaurant rose into the air and wafted on the cool mountain breeze.

We were welcomed, like family, with open arms...a cup of coffee, a glass of Colombiana, and a bowl of this beautiful retreat just under the clouds.  The boys ran and played.  We picked raspberries and visited the garden.  I enjoyed the landscape and the views and the company.  I didn't speak the language, but through our facilitator, I talked to the host family about life and family and adoption...especially adoption.  Fair Maiden made fast friends with a 14 year old Colombian beauty and they went to town to indulge in chocolate covered churros and some good conversation.  Thunder and I played NINJAs with the stalks of some long tropical flowers.  We sparred and battled each other until I fell on the ground defeated...DEAD.  Thunder ran to tell of his victory.  Our facilitator came running and cast a spell over me...BACK TO LIFE I CAME!  Thunder and I hugged and started all over again.  So much fun.

Our time at this place just below the clouds was coming to end as a cold mountain breeze began to blow in.

Our most gracious hosts lined up at the door to say good bye.  It was a most touching moment.  The seniors in the group had tears in their eyes as they looked deep into mine and took a firm hold of my shoulders...they spoke sincere words.  Through the translator I found out they were thanking me and my family...thanking us for loving the children, for playing with the children, for hugging and kissing the children, for traveling so far to give the children a hope and a future, for giving the children a family.  I wanted to shout from the rooftops...

"It is MY privilege and MY pleasure!!!"

The hugs were long and tight before we climbed into the car waving good bye and shouting "mucho gracias" out the window down the mountain road.

Just minutes down the road, a look to the sky revealed KITES!  Kites filled the sky.  Oh!  What a magical and whimsical nothing I had ever seen before.  August is the "month of the winds" in Cali and people come out in droves to fly kites from the hill tops.  Street vendors sell food.  Families gather.  Children laugh.  The sky is colorful.  It was an amazing and endearing vision.  Such a blessing.

The whole day was a blessing during this season of my life in a country far from home, far from my family, and far from everything familiar.  Yes!  God is near.  He is always here.  The secret is to seek Him and you will find all the blessings He has in store.  Nothing is going to change the amount of time we have to be here, BUT GOD and His army of ordinary angels have made it a treasured experience.

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