Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have been on my knees, faithful in prayer saying, "God you are faithful.  God, you are mighty.  God, I believe that you hear my prayer.  Please answer my prayer.  God , your heart is for the orphan.  Please speed the I-600A application approval process along."

To date my prayer has not been answered.  I was discouraged and disappointed Friday afternoon when I realized the very real possibility that another week could pass without our case being assigned. 

Our wonderful agency caseworker gave me some good advice, "Enjoy your weekend.  Go rollerskating.  Go bungee jumping.  Go get a tattoo.  Do not go buying cute little boy outfits!" 

Not being one to challenge authority and feeling a bit disheartened on the "Adoption Highway", I planned to take her advice.

My plan was to go rollerskating with Knight-in-Shining Armor Friday evening UNTIL we were on our way to dinner and he saw a sign for a 1/2 Price Kid Stuff Sale and said, "Let's go!".  WE never made it to the rollerskating rink.

My plan was to go bungee jumping Saturday afternoon UNTIL the in-laws called and said they were on their way over with two new cribs/toddler beds that they had purchased for the boys.  We never made it bungee jumping.

My plan was to stop by the local tattoo parlor and get a tattoo after church on Sunday UNTIL I received an email from a complete stranger and mother of two little boys under the age of four stating that she had heard we might be in the market for a couple of crib/toddler bed mattresses.  She was selling both of them complete with quilted waterproof mattress covers.  If I was interested, she wanted me to have first dibs on them.  It took some time to work out the details of the purchase and pick up.  Apparently, the tattoo parlor closes early on Sundays.  We never got a tattoo.

We trust in a God who protects, guides, listens, and orchestrates every intricate detail of our lives.  He is faithful.  He does answer prayer.  He loves the orphan.  He loves you and He loves me. 

His love, strength, and power often unfold in unexpected ways...ways that we could never anticipate or imagine. 

He has heard and answered my prayers...albeit, not the way I expected Him to.  I don't have an approval letter in my hand, but I have a warm, inviting place for my babies to sleep when they get home.

Through this chain of unexpected events, God has assured me of their coming.  My heart swells with gratitude for a Heavenly Father who, in this time of extreme waiting and prayer, has cared enough to reach down from heaven and provide an unexpected and very encouraging weekend. 

"Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge."  Psalm 62:8

Bumper Sticker:  TRUST

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