Saturday, July 9, 2011

Roadsign: Entering Honduran Time

We raced; we hurried; we jumped through the hoops; we jumped over the hurdles; we completed our dossier in record time. FED EX delivery to Honduras took six days. Translation took a little more than a week. Registration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took five days. We rushed to complete the requested addendums and PRIORITY FED EX shipped them to the attorney because our dossier was ready to be presented to IHNFA.

Yippee! Yahoo!

Being presented to IHNFA means that the attorney has to walk into IHNFA and drop it off at the desk, no appointment necessary.

Our attorney has had everything he needs to present our dossier to IHNFA for over a week now. As of yesterday, he has not dropped it off.

Our agency says, with a smile, 'There is no delay. You're just working with an attorney on Honduran time'.

I am trying my best to reciprocate the smile.

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