Saturday, February 18, 2012

Some LOVELY Thoughts

Russell Moore, in his book titled Adopted for life, says,
 "A sense of acceptance and belonging is the first and most important aspect of growing up after adoption.  The most critical part of this-whether you are a parent, child, or other- is how you view the term "adopted".  People will often ask me what the key to raising adopted children is.  I tell them honestly, we don't know-we don't have any adopted children.  The term "adopted kid" assumes an ongoing difference, something that differentiates him from a "regular kid".  That's not what adoption is-at least not adoption that reflects the mystery of Christ."

We understand that.  We are willing and able to bring children into our established home and call them OURS without hesitation.  We will offer acceptance and belonging.  Adoption will only describe the means by which they came to call us mom and dad, brother and sisters.  Beyond that, Thunder and Lightning will be our children.  In the name of love, ours and His, differences will fade.

Russell Moore says,
"Remember God designed families so children could grow up to be like their parents.  This isn't merely biology.  Disciples grow up to be like their teachers (Luke 6:40) and there is no blood tie there."

We believe this.  Little boys mimic their daddies.  Little girls mimic their mommies.  Children search their communities for role models.  Differences are a part of being human, not merely a fact of being adopted.  

Russell Moore also says,
"Above all, as parents, find ways to mimic the fatherhood of God....He (God) repeatedly announced to Jesus some version of 'You are my beloved Son.'  Do the same.  Take the time to snuggle up with your little girl and say "I'm  so glad you're my daughter."  Crawl into bed with your son and whisper, "I'm  so glad to be your mommy."  Tell them often, in happy times and stressful times alike, "I'll always love you, and you'll always be welcome here, no matter what you do."  From the very start, hold your child.  Show physical affection and love."

God has woven these truths into my mind and my heart.  The above convictions are a part of who I am.  I believe in love and I believe in family and I am anxiously waiting to embrace our Colombian children who right now, day and night, sit under a different patch of sky, but are warmed by the same sun and look at the same moon and count the same stars...different, but the same.

Before the creation of the earth it was God's great and perfect plan to unite my heart with theirs.  It was His great idea for us to be a family.  God has chosen us for each other and LOVE will bind us together.

Happy Valentines Day!

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