Tuesday, April 10, 2012

City of Surrender

If AAA serviced 'the Adoption Highway', I would have flown the white flag and made a distress call to them weeks ago.  But this journey is not THAT kind of journey.  Along this road, the pot holes, construction zones, delays, flat tires, spinning wheels, and rerouting that all translate into waiting are part of the Master plan because the Master always has a plan.

The hardest parts of this often uncomfortable journey are intentional albeit overwhelming at times.

If you have ever found yourself traveling along 'the Adoption Highway' you may be familiar with some of the places this road has taken us over the past fourteen months:

  • the Valley of Despair
  • Dependence Dude Ranch
  • the Town of Depressing Thoughts
  • the Diner of Doubts
  • Heartache Hotel
  • and every leg of the journey seems to have a city called Surrender
OH!  The City of Surrender!  

That place where every billboard reads "DON'T TRY...DIE!".  

That city where we are challenged to go beyond our comfort zone...learn to let go of passions and possessions...accept the limitations of living one day at a time...direct our attention to Him in hopeful anticipation of what He will do...lay our plans aside...cultivate a thankful heart.  

The city where we are challenged to stop looking at the calendar...stop counting the days...stop wondering, guessing, and pondering...stop trying to work things out before their time has come.

Every time we pass through the city of Surrender I meet my Heavenly Father who sweetly says to me, 

"I have sacrificed My very life for you, I can be trusted in every facet of your life."

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