Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Billboard: Tomorrow!

So, here we are.  We have traveled far and wide down 'the Adoption Highway', farther than we ever intended to when we began the trek sixteen months ago.  Though the journey remains the same (to grow our family), the path has changed.  We have surrendered our hearts with our arms open wide and changed our destination, our requested parameters, our timeline, and our expectations.

But one thing remains the same, we have not surrendered the dream.

In fact, the dream now has names and faces because four and a half weeks ago, a match was made in heaven.   We lived through the storm of watching that dream quickly turn into a nightmare as our dossier was delivered to an orphanage in Bogota rather than Cali, and we were informed that the boys would be referred to another family because of the delay in our dossier approval that this mishap would cause.

Tears were shed.  Minds were confused.  It was so hard to accept what was happening.

Then, the phone rang and awakened us from the darkness.

Some light had been shed on the situation (in other words, God moved a mountain, did the unlikely, the unexpected, the seemingly impossible), and we were told that the boys were still available for adoption!  We were asked to transfer our approved dossier to the orphanage in Cali where the boys reside.  We were told that our dossier would still have to be approved at this orphanage.  We were told it might take some time.  We were prepared for the fact that we may well indeed receive an official referral for the boys which would give us an opportunity to adopt bring them be their forever family.

Tomorrow may be the day...the day when our dossier is reviewed by the Adoption Committee at Chiquitines.

Tomorrow may be the day...the day our dossier gets a final approval.

Tomorrow may be the day...the day we get an official referral.

Tomorrow may be the day when two little boys in Colombia waiting for a family finally get one!

Tomorrow!  Tomorrow!  We love ya, Tomorrow!  You're only a day away!

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