Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 7

Early, early every morning we hear soft little footsteps scamper into our bedroom.

Thunder and Lightning stand at the end of the bed saying, "Mama!  Papa!"

The minute we roll over, they come for a hug...all smiles.  Then they disappear to their room where they watch a little television until breakfast is served.

Today, as I was cooking eggs and buttering bread, I heard a melody coming from their room.  Two little voices were singing, in English, the same lullabies I sing to them each night.  A few minutes later, they were standing in the kitchen, holding my hands and serenading ME!  Yes, these are the very moments that melt my heart and make me whisper praises to Jesus for all He has done and all He will do in our lives.

So far, I love being in Colombia.

I enjoy the sights and sounds and never tire of the incredible vistas...the mountain peaks, the clouds, the colorful flowered trees, the red tile rooftops, the little yellow taxis, the street vendors calling, "AVOCATE!", the open air bakeries, the river, the rocks, the architecture, the soccer stadium, and the fruit stands.

Yes!  Driving is an adventure.  Our in-country facilitator has a car that only seats 4-5 passengers maximum, therefore we always call a taxi in addition to using her car being that we are a family of seven now.

Somehow, I ALWAYS end up in the taxi!

The picture is not deceiving, the car is actually similar in size to a Matchbox car, and do not be mistaken, each is equipped WITH seat belts and the passengers are highly encouraged upon entering the vehicle to wear them!  Gladly, we oblige.  The cars are not air conditioned, so we cruise around the city with the windows down which can be interesting when we stop at a red light where street vendors swarm the car...all part of the adventure.

I am amazed by the open air markets and the open air malls and the open air restaurants and the open air pastry shops/ BAKERIES...almost everything everywhere is open air, and I LOVE it!  I never expected Cali, Colombia, to have a bakery on every corner, or for bread to be such a staple in the diet here.  Our family is loving the fresh baked loaves of bread we buy at the market everyday.  We eat sandwiches, but also love the bread topped with Pina (pineapple) and Fresa (strawberry) marmalade.  Oh, and the foods here are made with sugar (not corn syrup) and contain no preservatives...absolutely delicious!!!  I enjoy going to the market and browsing the produce aisles...tomatoes, grapes, mangoes, onions, melons, apples, bananas, carrots, potatoes, fresh herbs, lettuce, celery, papaya, mandarina, corn, and on and on and on.

Yes!  There is a language barrier, but our Spanish vocabulary has quadrupled in the one week we have been here.  I came without a dictionary or a translator or any cheat sheets and we are managing just fine.  Charades is a GREAT tool and keeps everyone in good humor!  The taxi drivers also work hard to communicate and enjoy using the little bit of English they know...they are proud of their city and like to show it off.

Today we were guests at a traditional Colombian luncheon prepared especially for us.  It was WONDERFUL and DELICIOUS...soup, fresh squeezed mandarina juice, pork, rice, fried plantain cakes, and salad with balsamic vinaigrette.  It was an honor to be treated to something so special during our stay in Colombia.

After lunch, the children went to the playground with Knight-in-Shining Armor, and I did laundry....several loads of laundry...and everything hangs to dry unless you have very deep pockets and can afford to use a laundry service.  Needless to say, our pockets are NOT deep, and thank you to the beautiful climate, warm breeze, and hot temperatures, we opted to air dry.

Our day ended back at the apartment where we took the kids swimming, made a special popcorn snack, took a walk to the supermarket, and followed our usual bedtime routine of tooth brushing, baths, good nights, and songs.

Bless Lightning's little heart...bathtime and bedtime are hard for him, but each night it is getting easier.  He finds comfort now in my arms and in the words I whisper in his ear unlike a couple of nights ago, when the actions and the words just evoked anger.  He will not lay in his bed until he has been rocked and sung to.  Then he climbs into bed and lays on his tummy.  I rub his back and continue singing.  At this point in time, Thunder says "Sing Mama!  Sing!", and inches closer to his brother as he also rolls over on his tummy.  I sing and rub both of their backs as they drift off to dreamland.  It is heart warming.

A Colombian Washing Machine

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  1. I have so enjoyed reading your blog the past two weeks - I think I found it just at the most exciting part of your 'campfire tale'. You tales of singing and comforting your new sons shows what a wonderful mother your are. Thunder and Lightning are blessed to have found you as you are surely blessed to have found them ;)