Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 8: Privileged

We were walking down a city street today visiting souvenir shop after souvenir shop.

A cool breeze was blowing.

Rays of sunshine broke through the clouds.

It was quiet...very quiet on the streets.

The boys were a few paces ahead of me hand in hand with their brother and sisters.

They walked up to a jewelry cart and began to admire the bright, beautiful, colorful rings, necklaces and earrings.

Both boys bubbled with joy and turned to call, "Mama!  Mama!"

As they motioned me to the cart with their eyes sparkling and arms open wide to greet me with a hug and take my hand, I had a "MOMENT".

In that "MOMENT", I realized just how privileged I was.

What a privilege it is that these boys call me "Mama" and allow ME to love them.

When one of them gets a bump or a bruise or a scratch, it is ME that he wants to kiss it.

When one of them is running a fever and has an aching belly, it is ME that he wants to sit beside him.

When one is uncertain of a person or place we encounter, it is MY hand he wants to hold.

When he needs toothpaste, or clean clothes, or a snack, or a game partner, or someone to play ball, it is ME he runs to.

ME.  They have allowed ME to love them.

Only by the grace of an almighty God could I have been given this privilege, and it is to an almighty God that I humbly give thanks.

Oh no, these boys are not "the lucky ones".

I am.  ME.  As the world would say, I am "the lucky one".

I am privileged.

I am blessed.

All power, all honor, all glory be unto His name...

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  1. I have LOVED following your blog for the past couple of months. You have such an amazing story and journey to these boys. Prayers and positive thoughts that the rest of your time in Colombia goes smoothly!