Monday, August 20, 2012

Another Day: LOL! and Kisses from Cali, Colombia

I just had a SKYPE conversation with my family in the States:

Kind Hearted Warrior and I talked about the large copperhead they had wrangled in the front yard just minutes before our conversation.  He had toured the highschool today and found all of his classes.  He said his dad was standing at the kitchen window threatening to jump because he has had all he can take of being without the rest of his family.  I told Kind Hearted Warrior that the least Knight in Shining Armor could do to preserve his manhood would be to threaten to jump from a second story window! My boy started to laugh so hard he dropped the phone.  LOL!  Then,

True Princess got on the phone and squealed for joy at the sound of my voice.  She is getting sick and wants me to know just how much she needs me.  She missed the bus this morning because big brother was late getting breakfast on the table and dad had to drive all the way home to take her to school.  She told me she has been praying and praying and asking God to bring her family home.  She wonders if He hears her.  Finally,

Knight in Shining Armor spoke.  He was frustrated because little dog Hazel had jumped up on the counter and eaten his plate of spaghetti and meatballs while he was outside wrangling the mammoth copperhead that was threatening the homestead.  He said she was orange and greasy from her eyeballs to the tip of her tail.  The only other thing in the house left to eat was toast, so he is having toast for dinner.  LOL!

I told them that Fair Maiden had gotten a pair of earrings today.  They are handmade, dangling earrings made from coffee beans and a hand painted medallion.  She left them in when she showered this afternoon after returning from the swimming pool.  She got out of the shower and asked me if I had made coffee because there was a great smell wafting through the air in the bathroom.  I said "No".  Then it dawned on us that her earrings had gotten wet and the coffee beans were giving off the enticing aroma.  She has been sniffing those earrings ever since.  LOL!

I told them that Thunder goes around town telling everyone that his Daddy looks like he is 63 and his Mom looks like she is 21, but they are really 43 and 42.  LOL!

I told them that we were playing a funny word game today and Lightning called me a o-po-pot-o-me as he was trying to say hippopotamus in English.  LOL!

I told them that sometimes I wonder, too, if God hears me and the prayers I have uttered during our separation.  Then I shared this with them from Jesus Calling:

"Expect to encounter adversity in your life...stop trying to find a way that circumvents the difficulties...anticipate coming face to face with impossibilities-situations totally beyond your ability to handle.  This awareness of your inadequacy is not something you should try to evade.  It is precisely where I want you-the best place to encounter Me in My glory and power.  When you see armies of problems marching toward you, cry out to Me!  Allow Me to fight for you.  Watch Me working on your behalf, as you rest in the shadow of My almighty presence."

And I blew them kisses good night from Cali, Colombia.

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