Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 26: What Can I Say?

Come Wednesday we will have been in Cali, Colombia, for one month.

Today, on Day 26 of our in-country journey, what can I say?

I could tell you:

...that I have an addiction to fried plantains and lulo juice
...that I do not understand why Colombians spend money on paint to differentiate lanes on the roads.
...that the mountain peaks are beautiful.
...that the zoo is our favorite place to visit.
...that most trees have had their trunks painted with limestone to keep the ants from destroying them.
...that it is noisy in the city at night.
...that there are more dogs roaming the streets here than I have ever seen anywhere.
...that this city exudes creativity and there are budding artists everywhere.
...that people here say "Caio!" and "Buenas!", not "Adios!" and "Hola!"
...that milk comes in boxes, ketchup comes in plastic bags, and eggs are sold in 48 packs.
...that chicken is expensive.
...that most toilets here don't have toilet seats.
...that Colombian time differs from American time.
...that you should keep the windows rolled up and the doors locked when you are riding in the car.
...that Fair Maiden L.K. is an amazing young lady and I couldn't do this without her.
...that my heart aches for Knight in Shining Armor, True Princess, and Kind Hearted Warrior.
...that my son starts school next week as a Freshman in highschool and I won't be there to kiss him goodbye.

BUT, really, after twenty-six days on this stretch of 'the Adoption Highway', what can I say?

What can I say that is significant?

I can say this,

"Love doesn't discriminate.  Love is powerful.  Love can change a life.  Adoption IS love in action."


  1. Love love love your blog. Praying for all of your family, that you will be together soon. Thanks for the encouragement.